The Well Trodden Path – Introduction

The Well Trodden Path – Introduction 

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The Well-Trodden Path tells the story of Leicestershire Footpath Association, one of the oldest associations for footpath preservation in the country. This lively study of the last hundred years, includes many original photographs, maps and documents, and personal memories of local walkers. The book includes details of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in relation to footpaths, bringing to life the official documents relating to diversions and closures and obstructions of ancient footpaths in a much loved part of Leicestershire.

Published in 1987 to mark the centenary of the Leicestershire Footpath Association, the book is 92 pages 250mm x 175mm and has a hard spine. It is black and white only with photographs, line drawing and maps.


To Gordon Lilly for hours spent in the Records Office researching material for the history of LFA. Gilbert Odell for consultation and advice. The LFA Centenary committee, Jon  Berry, Mary Essinger, Brian Jenkinson and Steve Westby. Vaughan College Historical Research class 1985-6 run by Ron Greenall. Betty Hodsall, Win Mills and other members of the Grasshoppers for old pictures and photographs. Mollie Rippin for photographs of her father. To Barbara and Kendal Clark for the article written by their grandmother, published in the Daily Chronicle in the early 1880’s and to Helen Clark of Somerset for permission to use it. To the Leicester Mercury, the Leicestershire Record Office and other officials. To Martin Wadd for cartoons. To Jean Harrison for illustrations and E. A. Holmes for the design and cover.


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