The Well Trodden path – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Tribunals And The Definitive Map

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Chapter 9 – Tribunals And The Definitive Map

Parish councils and others were invited to help prepare the Definitive Map of Rights of Ways as required by the National Parks and Countryside Act 1949. Walkers were keen to ensure all paths were shown on the map, landowners may have been less enthusiastic. Therefore Tribunals were held to establish whether paths were to be recorded.

At the AGM of 1952 it was reported that the draft map would be available for public inspection for four months and members were concerned that paths missed off this map will probably be lost for ever.

The Leicestershire Footpath Association submitted 400 objections relating to paths which had been omitted from the draft map. The Association’s resources were obviously stretched to attend all the tribunals with detailed knowledge of the paths in dispute. They did not manage to save every path they defended but it was not for the lack of trying.


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