The Well Trodden Path – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Records 

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Chapter 2 – The Records

The LFA seems always to have had a strong sense of history collecting Enclosure Awards, old maps, journals, pamphlets, booklets explaining the law and details of Acts of Parliament, all relating to footpath matters.

Across the border matters were not ignored and the documents include a pamphlet  on a meeting to protest about the Earl of Derby closing a path in Pilkington.

There are minute books back to 1887 and Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes all in leather bound volumes with a picture of the founding secretary Mr A.J. Gimson.

1924 – concern was raised about the whittling away of landmarks such as Croft Hill, Bardon Hill and Mountsorrel Hill.

1926 – it was stated that vigilant attitude of the committee was necessary because Leicester was spreading rapidly and swallowing up fields and their paths.

1927 ……..No difficult was experienced as Mr Rippin (Alderman Rippin) had removed a quantity of barbed wire the previous week.

Plus a mass of correspondence with parish councils from and to the secretary of the time H.H. Peach


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