The Well Trodden Path – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Blackbrook: A Tribunal Case Study

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Chapter 10 – Blackbrook: A Tribunal Case Study

Blackbrook was some distance from Leicester so fell beyond the scope of the 1904 Map of Leicestershire paths. In the mining district of Northwest Leicestershire between Whitwick, Thringstone and Shepshed the land was owned mainly by Ambrose Phillips,  the de Lisle family of Garendon with smaller plots awarded to William Fenton and Charles Bennett.

Paths in the area had been in dispute in the early 1930s. Chairman of the parish council J.B. Martin of Charley Hall confirmed the correct line of paths in 1938 but………

In 1954 a Tribunal recommended the path not be added to the map. Gilbert Odell appealed against the judgement and approached Dr. Parker, the County Archivist, to act as witness.

George Green of Loughborough made a long statement at the appeal, Ernest College of Shepshed presented evidence collected from many old people. Mr Gorman the gamekeeper had greeted passers by (not warned them of trespass), but the appeal was lost. Read the chapter for the final outcome in 1986.


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