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Annual report 2016

March 5, 2017

The annual report for 2016 was posted to members and agreed by them at the AGM in February 2017. A full copy is  available here to download (pdf fil 425Kb).

Presidents Remarks

A good barometer in measuring the strength of any Association, is the number of members on their register. When I became involved with our Association in 1976 there were 92 ordinary members. This year there were 340 ordinary members. This growth can in part be explained by walks being arranged on four days a week whereas in 1976 only Saturday walks were available and some evening walks in the summer. In addition the number of people walking are mainly retired. The Association always relies on members volunteering to take part in the affairs of the Association. If you consider you may be able to help in this way, please contact our secretary.

I have attended three committee meetings and listened to the amount of work undertaken on behalf of our membership. In the following reports from officers you will be able to judge for yourself the variety of matters taken in hand. In particular the County Council have agreed for us to produce and distribute the new publication of the Leicestershire Round guide booklet.

Brexit, the most repeated word in the media this year, may have significant impact on monies available in future years for the maintenance of cross field paths. The Common Agricultural Policy has a payment scheme to reward farmers when they keep their paths open and accessible to the public. We may well ask will the UK government fund a similar scheme for farmers, thereby ensuring our cross field paths are kept clear of crop encroachment, following any exit from Europe?

Many of you will, I am sure agree, the National Forest has had a major impact on the scenery of North West Leicestershire. The scars left by mining have been transformed into woodland areas to walk and explore. This year celebrates twenty-five years following the governments support for its creation. 8.5 million trees have been planted.

In September, Ted Guy passed away. Ted was a committee member for a few years, 1985-87 and walked regularly on Saturdays. Some of you may recall his New Year day walks when before the start of the walk, members were treated to home cooked mince pies and mulled wine.

Brian Jenkinson

LFA President


Celebrate 30 years of Leicestershire Round publication

August 19, 2013

Members and non-members are welcome to attend our celebration of the Leicestershire Round recreational route being published by the Leicestershire Libraries in 1983.  Three booklets describing the route with maps, narrative and pictures were published.  The last booklet being issued in September 1983.  Today, Leicestershire County Council publish the whole route in one book.

On Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013, at 10.45am at Bradgate Park House ruins a short commemorative event has been arranged by the Leicestershire County Council and ourselves.  The Tuesday group will walk from the “Badgers Sett” public house at Cropston at 10.00am and will walk to the ruins and meet the press, County Council representatives and members of the committee of the Leicestershire Footpath Association.

At 11.00am the Secretary of the Leicestershire Footpath Association will lead a walk of six miles from the ruins.  This will be a circular walk of six miles visiting Old John, Woodhouse Eaves and Swithland Woods.  This walk is based on the first walk in the short walks book of the Leicestershire Round.

Brian Jenkinson, (Hon Secretary to Leicestershire Footpath Association)