Change to Thursday June 15th Walk

May 14, 2017 by

Please note:  the June 15th  walk is now from the Griffin Inn, Swithland. Leader Brian Rowlinson.

( This was Ian Smarts from Clipston)


A walk from Somerby

May 10, 2017 by
Somerby shop and main street

Somerby shop and main street

Back to my theme of linear walks. This one from Melton Mowbray via the bus service 113 taking me to Somerby where I pick up the Leicestershire Round. I can’t recall that I’ve walked this section in reverse. This offers totally different views and with the limited sun behind me picking out new features in the landscape I enjoyed the walk across to the Punch Bowl.

I was delighted to find that the path through oilseed had been mown, this suggested a recent job but better late than never. It was rather a thin crop and it was clear to see where walkers had trodden a narrow path before a real path had been made.

Footpath D69 on the Leicestershire Round looking north

Footpath D69 on the Leicestershire Round looking north

By the time I dropped down the steps into the Punchbowl it was time for lunch so I rested on Jim’s seat which still looks good after four years.

Jim's seat in May 2017 still looks good 4 years after installation.

Jim’s seat in May 2017 still looks good 4 years after installation.

I appear to have a reputation for reporting lots of path issues but all I found on this eight mile walk was one rotten waymark post resting against a tree on the Jubilee Way at the start of the Dalby Hills permissive path.

LFA has started a trend on the Ernest Cook Trust Estate. A new resting place has been supplied by Jack Atton and Terry Darby who, while working as woodmen for the Trust, planted the trees here between 1980 and 1996 .

Jack Atton and Terry Darby's seat with a fine view across to Little Dalby

Jack Atton and Terry Darby’s seat with a fine view across to Little Dalby

It can be very muddy along the permissive path but it was fairly dry on this visit with views north through the still leafless trees. Finding the Other Route with Public Access to head north from Burrough Hill was a challenge. I mistook a stile as the route also used by horses but it came to an abrupt halt by a fence and ditch. Try again………. not quite on track but I eventually met the road from where a hedged track is clear to see and use.

Burrough Hill flanked by gorse in flower - the smell was delightful.

Burrough Hill flanked by gorse in flower – the smell was delightful.

The ORPA heads north into Melton where it meets Sandy Lane. It’s part of the National Cycle Network and has been given a metalled surface. Cars are prevented by blocks of concrete firmly blocking some of the gates so it’s pedestrians only and easy walking. The view to the east is far ranging especially from Gartree Hill.

When the cycle track becomes a proper road I turn right along a bridleway, a little apprehensive with such a sea of yellow ahead will there be a path? Well there was and here it was vital. A vigorous crop as tall as me, again cut a bit late and when it starts to flop the path will disappear. I timed my walk spot on.

Looking south from the junction of paths D98A and D99 near Burton Lazars.

Looking south from the junction of paths D98A and D99 near Burton Lazars.

I cross the busy A606 and take a combination of well walked paths and tracks into Melton. The final mile is alongside the River Eye then between the buildings of what was pedigree Petfoods but now just says Mars. I did make a short detour under the railway on what Network Rail call the towpath while making plain this is not a public right of way. It does offer a handy short cut from the housing estate into the top end of town.



Good news for walkers at Great Glen

May 7, 2017 by

Footpath C28 which goes south from  the Pug and Greyhound pub at Great Glen was for many years an impenetrable jungle of  briars and brambles.  When I retired I felt it my duty to clear a way  through it to cross the bypass and to reach the canal.   In the summer of  2016 I took my shears each evening and cut a way through the brambles.   On  one occasion I met a young man in shorts battling his way from the bypass as  I was cutting my way up towards him.  He greeted me with joy to see some  clear route ahead and some respite for his cut legs!  I felt my labours were  rewarded.

Footpath C28 at Great Glen

Footpath C28 at Great Glen

Professional help

Professional help

My path was only a narrow muddy single track through dark overhanging  brambles.  I later got some help in widening it  and then talked to  Great  Glen Wildspace group about the importance of having paths which connected  park areas with the footpath network  and they found volunteers to widen and  clear the footpath (for the benefit of birds and wildlife).  It is now a delightful route to add to your repertoire.

Footpath cleared by Wildspace team. Looking towards the bypass.

Footpath cleared by Wildspace team. Looking towards the bypass.

Heather MacD

Winter walking in muddy fields a distant memory!

May 3, 2017 by
Winter walking in muddy fields a distant memory!

Winter walking in muddy fields a distant memory!

The Wednesday short walk on the 19th April  organised by Pete C started at Peatling Magna  and included Shearsby and Bruntingthorpe. The weather was perfect, the spring  flowers were out, lambs in the fields and the meadows were lush green. Winter walking in muddy fields a distant memory! The photo shows the group enjoying a refreshment break underneath an isolated and spectacular tree (GR SP62038 90702) in a field on the Leicestershire Round  just outside Shearsby.

Thanks to Nigel B for words and picture.

Summer evening walks

May 1, 2017 by
The old rail line at Leire

The old rail line at Leire

Monday evening walks start on Monday 8th May and continue until 7th August.  The start times are missing from the paper programme and this is 7.00pm.  Join us for an evening walk of 4 to 5 miles and an optional drink in a pub afterwards.

The first walk starts from Leire church members and visitors all welcome.

New Edition Leicestershire Round Book

April 24, 2017 by

By now many of you will have been shown the new edition of the Leicestershire Round book if you have been on recent walks. Based on the earlier editions, Ken Brockway, our Webmaster, has updated the route where necessary and modernised the whole appearance of the book with O.S. 1:25000 maps and colour photographs. It has retained some sketches and all the historical and local information of the earlier editions. I am sure you will agree with me that it is a classic modern walking book and Ken  is to be congratulated.

It will be available at several commercial outlets but  is  available from the LFA via your walk organisers.

wednesday April 19th long walk Sharnford

April 10, 2017 by

Please note that the Countryman pub has been taken over and is now called The Bricklayers.

New video – Well Dressing Walk 2000

March 26, 2017 by

A trip down memory lane

Derbyshire walk with Ted Guy from Monsall Dale via Ashton in the Water.

Some walkers you may know or remember- Chris Ambrose,  Elsie Dodge, Ted Guy, Arthur Hopson, Sid & Pat Marsden, David & Chris Potterton, Ann Biddle, Jackie Barker, Rosemary& Allan Jordan, Warren Curteis, Di Chapman and Ian Parker.

Newsletter Spring 2017

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The spring 2017 newsletter should by now have dropped through members’ letterboxes. For other interested parties or  potential members we offer you the online edition, download here (pdf file 1.2Mb)



Steve Ludlam

March 20, 2017 by

Tuesday walkers will be sad to hear that Steve Ludlam has died.

Steve and Vera were ever present, energetic, Tuesday walkers for over a decade until about 2 years ago, when his health limited his ability.  Some LFA weekend break walkers will also have known him.

Our thoughts are with Vera.