Leicestershire Border Walk


The Leicestershire Border Walk uses public footpaths and other ancient highways to closely follow the county boundary. This has created a walk of 200 miles which is divided into 15 walkable sections of between 8 and 17 miles. The break points were selected to offer a public transport link between the start and finish of each walk. With careful planning and dependant on your home location you may be able to complete the walk without the use of private transport, see Traveline for transport information (opens a new window). The sections start in the north east of the county at Bottesford and go anti-clockwise. Because there are no written instructions you should find it possible to start at any location and, if you wish, walk the route clockwise.

The author takes no responsibility for the state of the paths and invites you to report any problems to Leicestershire County Council (opens a new window).

The route does use some permissive paths which may change. In addition the rights of way network is ever changing so please check the latest map before setting out or be prepared to overcome changes on the ground.

You can read the introduction how the route came into being here

Read about walking of the route in 2014 starts here

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