Leicester Chronicle – extracts

Leicester Chronicle – 27th August, 1853.

A meeting of the subscribers and friends of the Public Footpath Association was held in the Mayor’s Parlour, at the Town Hall on Monday evening.

The Chair was occupied by Mr. Wm. Hardy, of Hotel Street, who opened the meeting with some excellent and appropriate observations.  He said he had not attended any previous meetings of the footpath association, though he had been a willing supporter of it, and had witnessed the successful results of its influence with great pleasure.

The honorary secretary, Mr. T.S. Hackett, presented the following report, which he read to the meeting:-

“It is now more than two years since your committee submitted to the public a report of their proceedings, the last general meeting having been held on the 26th May, 1851.


Leicester Chronicle Report – 30th August, 1856


A general meeting was held on Tuesday last in Mayor’s Parlour, John Flower Esq., in the Chair.

The Chairman concluded:- as some gentleman of the press were present, he had read these extracts, in the hope they would go forth to the county and secure those rights, unsolicited, for which the Association was contending.

Mr. Thomas Podd, Honorary Secretary, the read the following report:-

“Owing to various causes, three years have elapsed since the Committee of the Footpath Association presented a report to the members.

Mr. Megson assured the meeting that this order (the working classes) were not absent through any want of sympathy with the movement, for they really had great sympathy with it.

Mr. Charles Halford proposed the next resolution as follows:-

“That the following gentleman be appointed the Officers of the Society:- John Flower, Esq. Chairman, Richard Harris Esq Treasurer, Samuel Stone Esquire, Honorary Solicitor and Mr. Thomas Podd, Honorary Secretary, and Messrs. Wm. Hardy, T. Cooper, W. Burford, Frederic Gill, J.S. Barnes, J.Burton, William Johnson, George Baines, J. Thompson, and G. Crawford, as the Committee”.

It was seconded by Mr. Hewitt and carried unamimously.


Extract from the Leicester Chronicle, 20th July, 1867


A meeting of the members and friends of this Society was held in the Mayor’s Parlour, at the Town Hall, on Wednesday evening last, under the presidency of Mr. Alderman Rowlett, for the purpose of hearing the Society’s report, and the report of a deputation from Wigston.

The Chairman having briefly expressed his approval of the objects of the Society, called upon Mr. Podd, who read the following report:-

“The Leicestershire Footpath Association began its labours in the year 1850.  Between that date and the present, its agency has frequently been appealed to and employed in various ways – in maintaining the right of the public to disputed foot-roads, in mediating between claimants and land-owners and land occupiers, and in occasionally effecting the diversion of paths for the mutual accommodation of the public and private proprietors.  The death of its active Chairman (John Flower Esq.) a few years ago, was followed, however, by a temporary suspension of its operations, which are about to be resumed; owing to the applications made to members of the committee for the Society’s help in various quarters.”