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Ready for the walk

Ready for the walk

The following topics are covered on this page click on the link or scroll down the page to locate them.

Check List and Information for Leaders (scroll down)

Is your map correct? Check now (scroll down for the link)

Path defects can spoil a walk and are a hazard please report them.
Go to this page to see how to put things right.

Links to useful sites (opens a new page)

Download a copy of the LFA Constitution 2017  (pdf file 45kb)

Charity Commission website LFA page (opens new page)

List of village pubs (removed May 2014 because the list had become out of date)


Essential information for walk leaders

At the March 2013 committee meeting we looked at the ‘Check List and Information for Leaders’ sheet. Each member should have a copy and all walk leaders must comply. A downloadable copy is now available here:-

Check List and Information for Leaders 2013 MS Word file 60KB

Check List and Information for Leaders 2013 Adobe pdf format 200KB


Is your map correct ?

A crucial part of leading a walk is to be confident you are on the line of a public path. The check list says “Be sure your map is up to date” One way of doing this is to look at the Definitive Map on-line at the Leicestershire County Council website here’s the link map of paths (opens a new window)