Join us for a walk

Quenby Hall - look what the sun brings out

Quenby Hall – look what the sun brings out

Although our membership fee is kept low, see our contact page for membership details, we do cordially invite you to join us free of charge for a trial walk or two. We have a large programme of walks throughout Leicestershire and occasionally further afield. We have weekly walks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and also walk most Saturdays. The six mile midweek walks end with lunch at the village pub but the Saturday walks, unless a pub stop is given require you to take a packed lunch. If the walk is not six miles or less the distance will be stated. If the start point in the named village is not given then meet at the church. Parking can be a little difficult in small villages so try where possible to share cars and fill all the seats, then park with care avoid causing inconvenience to residents and businesses. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Each programme offers walks as shown below.
See our contact page if you want a chat about any of our walks.

Tranquil pool on Tuesday walk near Willoughby Waterleys

Tranquil pool on Tuesday walk near Willoughby Waterleys

Every Tuesday   also see below for Tuesday long walks

Walk starts at 10am at a village pub. A steady paced circular walk of 6 miles using field paths, it will explore the surrounding Leicestershire countryside. Occasionally the walk might stray into the surrounding counties. With a coffee stop at a pleasant half way location the group will return to the pub where most will retire for lunch and more social chat. Start point will be available by making a telephone call to the leader and now on the website, a few weeks before the walk.

Most Tuesdays a shorter easier walk will start from the same location and rejoin the main party for lunch, optional.

Every Wednesday a short and long walk

The short walk has a similar format to Tuesday but the start point will be published in the programme. Again most walks will be within Leicestershire, based from a pub and of six miles. The aim is to cover as many paths in the county as possible so from the programme you will be able to select walks at locations that are new or favourites for you. Pub lunch, as above, is optional but those not planning to use the pub are requested not to use the pub car park.

The long walk of 7-8 miles starts slightly earlier at 9.45am from the place stated in the programme and returns here for a pub lunch hence the pace is a little quicker.

Every Thursday

A gentler walk for walkers wishing to improve their map reading skills. Five or six miles. These are now listed in the programme under their own aegis.

Tuesday twice a month

Every two weeks The Leicestershire Footpath Association arranges led walks of about 10 Miles.  These walks are for the more able and discerning ramblers who like longer walks but led at an easy pace with time to stop and admire the view. They are planned with imagination to include places and features of interest in the landscape.  This provides a varied ramble for those who enjoy walking in beautiful countryside.

Not all these rambles are in Leicestershire as we like to spread them around by visiting scenic walking areas in neighbouring counties giving ramblers the opportunity to explore other scenic areas of the Midlands.

We try to arrange an optional pub lunch about half way round, but anyone can bring sandwiches if they wish.

So why not join us on any or all our walks.  We are sure you will enjoy our selected locations and walking with some splendid like-minded people.  We have a shared transport arrangement to the start of each walk.

LFA Saturday walk from East Norton

LFA Saturday walk from East Norton

Saturday walks are about 8/9miles.

For more details about our current programme of walks please telephone our Membership Secretary, details on the contact page. We look forward to welcoming you.