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AGM Saturday 24th February – new venue

January 7, 2018

The Elms Social Club Bushloe End, Wigston LE18 2BA

In a change to the printed walks programme the 2018 AGM will not again be at Woodhouse Eaves. The Baptist church has been a good venue for many years but the time has come to move on with an opportunity to take a different walk following the meeting.

Formal notice of the AGM with details of the venue will arrive to members by post but we offer this advance notice that the 2018 AGM will be at The Elms Social Club Bushloe End, Wigston LE18 2BA.



New Venue A.G.M. Preliminary Notice.

November 16, 2017

The A.G.M. will be held on Saturday, February 24th 2018 as given in the walk programme.

Contrary to the venue given in the walk programme it will be held at The Elms Social & Ex Service Club, Bushloe End, Wigston Magna, who will also supply a buffet lunch.

Formal Agenda, lunch booking forms and reports will be sent to everyone nearer the time, as usual.


Wanted -New Walks Co-ordinator

October 13, 2017

A Fun Advert

Annual General Meeting – Saturday 23rd February 2013

February 18, 2013

Members are invited and encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 23rd February at the Evangelical Baptist Church, Woodhouse Eaves.

Arrive for tea / coffee from 9.45am

Meeting starts 10.15am

After short formal business Gerald Price will give an illustrated talk about the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee project to which LFA donated.

Lunch for those who have booked at noon.

Guided walks starting from the village car park 1.30pm all welcome.

Members will have received a notice of the meeting through the post together with a copy of the Annual Report which will soon be available here.

LFA History page updated

November 24, 2012

Discover the history of the Leicestershire Footpath Association from 1850 on the updated history page.

Click here to read about the oldest footpath preservation group in the world!!!

Said to be Mr Rippin cutting barbed wire, we know not where

Said to be Mr Rippin cutting barbed wire, we know not where

Facebook ?

November 21, 2012

We have had an offer from a member to set up a Leicestershire Footpath Association Facebook page. The main purpose of the page would be to generate more interest in the LFA, and thus increase the membership, through raised awareness of the Association and it’s activities.

It is proposed to show details of forthcoming walks on a week-by-week basis, which would include day/date of the walk , starting time, location of the start, i.e. the name of the pub or the church, and the length of walk.

The need to protect and preserve people’s identities is an issue so these would never be used on the page. The name of the leader and his/her ‘phone number would not be
included. Enquiries of this nature would be re-directed to the website

We could occasionally enhance the basic details of walks with added notes about features of the walk and the area in which it takes place. There would be a permanent link to the Association’s website at the top of the page, so that people could go there for more information.

A Facebook page is not in any way intended to replace the website, but to enhance it or if you like ‘add value’. We could also add a Facebook button to the web pages so that there would be a two-way link with the Facebook page.

This seems to work quite well for The Ramblers. If anyone uses the RA’s Facebook site or elsewhere or has views on LFA having a Facebook page we invite your comment so that the committee can decide if a LFA Facebook page should be established. Please comment below or email

Happy Birthday Leicestershire Footpath Association

June 10, 2012

Our present Association started in 1887 and the first meeting was in the School Board Room at the Municipal Buildings on June 10th, W. Simpson, jun., in the chair.

(From: A short history of the Leicestershire Footpath Association. By H.H. Peach. A paper prepared for the Countryside and Footpath Preservation National Conference, Leicester, October 13th , 1928)

Pictures starting top left:

  • Leicestershire Round a 100 mile circular walk around the county devised by members to celebrate the Association’s centenary in 1987
  • Excellent cross field paths and yellow topped waymark posts today make Leicestershire one of the best walking areas in England.
  • A group of members ready to start a walk from Tilton on the Hill
  • A.J. Gimson Secretary and Treasurer 1887-1911
  • LFA badge created at the time Rutland was part of Leicestershire
  • Opening of the Rippin Path at Bradgate May 1953
  • Ordnance Survey map cover from 1930’s
  • Part of the LFA researched and published ‘Map of Paths 1904’
  • A recent walk by the Tuesday group at Brooksby

Constitution now online

April 8, 2012

The Leicestershire Footpath Association Constitution is now available online. Click here for the link.

LFA is a Registered Charity (235498) you can therefore get information from the Charity Commission website LFA page

History Fair Beaumanor Hall

March 31, 2012
LFA at Beaumanor History Fair

LFA at Beaumanor History Fair

Last Sunday 25th March 2012 Leicestershire Footpath Association was represented at the History Fair at Beaumanor Hall organised by Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society. The event drew in a good attendance and at times there was insufficient room for visitors to move around to exhibitors. We had a lot of interest in our display mainly for our present day walking activities rather than our 125 year’s of history. We signed up two new members who we welcome and hope to meet them soon on one of our regular walks. The Well Trodden Path (reprint) was on sale for the first time as was Leicestershire Country Parks Walks which attracted the usual interest from those seeking new territory to explore.

Leicestershire Footpath Association -125th Annual General Meeting

February 26, 2012
Clarke Rogerson (From PNFS Website)

Clarke Rogerson (From PNFS Website)

This being a special event it called for a special speaker, we believe that this 125th AGM was marked by a significant achievement. Some time back while searching for information on the Peak District we discovered the Peak & Northern Footpaths Society and their claim to be the oldest footpath preservation group in the country, having emerged from other groups in 1894. Persuading Heather to challenge their claim was not difficult and this resulted in our invitation for a representative to speak to us at the 2012 AGM.

We were pleased to welcome Clarke Rogerson their Chairman and expected to enter battle for the title. Clarke had been busy with research and offered his audience a potted history of footpath campaign groups back to a possible in York in 1840. But Clarke is not satisfied with hearsay he wants evidence so pointed to groups that came and went over the years.

Arriving at 1887 Clarke had to acknowledge that the Leicestershire Footpath Association is longer established than The Peak District and Northern Counties Footpaths Preservation Society and is now in the running to be the oldest footpath preservation group in the county.

We invite comment to our claim.