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5 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. Laura P Says:

    I’d love to hear off people who have done the sections of the Leicestershire round, I have the book and with not having a car I’m struggling to see how I can get to the places in the sections, none of them seem to have train stations. ?

    • Boots Says:

      Hello Laura

      Great that you want to walk our Leicestershire Round, it’s a great walk and lots of sections can easily been reached by public transport, not train but bus. The best way to plan sections is by looking at Traveline Website. If you live in Leicester it should be quite easy as most of the buses run out of the city centre. For example you can get the 127 from St Margaret’s Bus Station towards Loughborough. Get off at Mountsorrel and walk part of the Round to Rearsby 6 miles then get the 5A bus back into the city.

  2. Nigel Aston Says:

    I have made a couple of continuous completions of the Leicestershire Round – in 2015 and 2016. I would be very interested to hear of any other completions. A report on the journey is available to anyone.

    Hello Nigel

    Good to hear from you and great that you have been using the Leicestershire Round. Where can we read the reports of your journey?

  3. Linda kerr Says:

    Please can you tell me how I can buy a 32 circular walks book in Leicestershire please

    Linda kett

    • Boots Says:

      Hello Linda

      Thanks for making contact via our walking website. The 32 short walks based on the Leicestershire Round are all available here to download for free see this page. The printed book sold out a long time back so there may a few small changes but the paths are all well signed. Happy walking.

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