32 Short Walks using the Leicestershire Round

To celebrate the Millennium LFA devised a book of 32 short walks all using a part of the Leicestershire Round. The book is now long out of print so it has been agreed that we make the walks available here free of charge. Our thanks to LFA members who devised and Heather McDermid who compiled the walks back in 2000 and more recently to Mike McSharry who scanned the book and initially published these walks on his own website.


As the title suggests the walks are generally short and vary between 2.5 to 9 miles. For the website they have been roughly divided into four groups and as the illustration indicates the areas are north, east, south and west of the county. Click on the section below to access the walk descriptions. Please bear in mind that these descriptions were written in 1999 and some paths will have changed.

Please note only text in blue in the downloadable file has been updated the remainder is as written in 1999.

North – walks 1 – 8 Beacon Hill to Burrough Hill via the Wreake valley

East – walks 9 – 17 Burrough Hill to Foxton Locks via High Leicestershire

South – walks 17 – 24 Foxton Locks to Roman High Cross

West – walks 25 – 32 High Cross to Bradgate via Bosworth Battlefield

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