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An out of area story but one worth telling to encourage the reporting of problems even if you are not planning to return to the area. In 2010-11 I did a long walk from Chepstow to Berwick upon Tweed ‘The Great English Walk’. I encountered a few issues along the way so took time afterward each days walking to report these. I never expected to get back to see if improvements had been made but hoped my effort would benefit those who later used the same paths.

Biddulph FP 77 bridge installed 2011

Biddulph FP 77 bridge installed 2011

In Staffordshire I used an unsigned path at Biddulph which crossed a stream. I reported the missing signs and bridge. In a letter of February 2011 Staffordshire County Council said, ” Public Footpath No. 77 Biddulph Town…..The path has been inspected and a job sheet has been issued for two new fingerposts, path clearance work and the installation  of a new 12 ft sleeper bridge.”  In October 2011 I received a follow up letter. “I am pleased to inform you that the earlier problem you reported concerning the above public right of way has now been resolved; the path has been cleared, two new fingerposts and a new 12 ft bridge has been installed.”

On Saturday 17th June 2017 I had the first opportunity to use the path again. I was delighted to find the path, easy to find, well walked and the stream safe to cross on the substantial bridge.


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