New Edition Leicestershire Round Book


By now many of you will have been shown the new edition of the Leicestershire Round book if you have been on recent walks. Based on the earlier editions, Ken Brockway, our Webmaster, has updated the route where necessary and modernised the whole appearance of the book with O.S. 1:25000 maps and colour photographs. It has retained some sketches and all the historical and local information of the earlier editions. I am sure you will agree with me that it is a classic modern walking book and Ken  is to be congratulated.

It will be available at several commercial outlets but  is  available from the LFA via your walk organisers.


2 Responses to “New Edition Leicestershire Round Book”

  1. Catie Says:

    Hi there, where is this available from? I’m walking the Round with a couple of friends at the moment and would love to support it by buying a new copy of the book.

    • Boots Says:

      Hello Catie

      Glad to hear you are walking the Round. Hope it all goes well.

      The new guide should be in local bookshops so you could do us a big favour by going in and asking for a copy. If they haven’t got stock ask them to order.

      If you join one of our regular walks soon the walks organiser has a stock to sell to members so you could get one there.

      Or you could look on the web. Our distributor Cordee over at Hinckley sell direct to the public as well as supplying the trade. You might also find other supplies online.

      Enjoy your Leicestershire walking

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