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It was a surprise the other morning to receive an email from our website ‘Path defect’ contact form. You will know it’s there because you take a regular look at ‘Members and Leaders have you checked here recently?‘ From that page and now from the ‘Contact Us’ page there is a link to Report a path defect.

I’m delighted to report that Stan and I resolved the problem initially without moving from the office desk, it went like this.

Report: The path at Saddington appears to go through a private residence and whoever is in charge there is not happy with people walking through. For the only time in walking the round I was told to turn around and go back to the road.

Stan replied:

Thank you for reporting the problem you encountered on the Leicestershire Round at Saddington.

However, we are puzzled as to its location, as the route has been recently checked, both by the section warden, and the officer responsible for preparing a new edition of the guide, and no problems have been encountered.

The Round enters Saddington from Fleckney down a clearly defined lane (Bakehouse Lane), and, having crossed Main Street, leaves via an enclosed path towards Smeeton Gorse and Gumley, so we are not aware of anywhere that it crosses a private property in the way you describe.

I am afraid we do need more precise details of where you were turned back before we can take this issue further.

A picture was supplied:


Leicestershire Round - Saddington

Leicestershire Round – Saddington

Stan to Ken: This looks like the track from Fleckney Road to me – do you agree?

Ken to Stan: Yes I agree.  I appear to have missed a point that he was walking the Round in reverse so perhaps he missed the stile onto the narrow track and continued along this well defined drive / farm track which does enter private property. As I walked it in the normal direction I don’t know if the stile is obvious, the picture suggests it may not be.

The light dawns:

To be honest I didn’t even know I was doing it in reverse!

Yes, that would certainly make sense. As you can see from pic very easy to think that road is the right of way. And I would recommend another sign. The two chaps in the yard were not exactly friendly and best avoided!

Thanks for your and Ken’s time and assistance.

Looks as if we have a satisfied customer.


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