Canal access points project


I anticipate members who have volunteered for the above project have found out interesting information on the ground.  Heather, her daughter Alisoun, and myself have joined  together to combine the project with short circular walks.  Today we started from Husbands Bosworth and walked footpath A1 before joining the towpath taking us towards Theddingworth.  This towpath is dangerous in places, holes, long grass, and embankment slipping into the canal.  A major obstacle was discovered shortly after joining the towpath.  A fallen small branch was lying across the towpath.

Fallen section of tree blocking towpath near Husbands Boswoth

Fallen section of tree blocking towpath near Husbands Boswoth

Alisoun and myself had an attempt at sawing through the branch with a wire saw but unfortunately we failed in our attempt.  A proper saw was needed for the task.

We have found how friendly the boat users are in discussing with us their knowledge on access.  Theirs is a way of life which they clearly enjoy and their knowledge of the network of canals allows them to explore a large area of our country.



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