Thursday walk from Bunny village, Nottinghamshire


Eight members assembled in Bunny village for a six mile walk over our county boarder on 5th May.  It was a beautiful sunny day as we left the “Rancliffe Arms”.  Our walk took us to Bunny Hill which is a managed nature reserve and we were treated to a wonderful display of wild flowers.  The woodland floor had a carpet of blue bells intermingled with yellow celandines.  We were walked up through the woods, then along and down. Later was seen wild cowslips covering a large section of a grass field.  From the top of Bunny Hill, a sea of yellow met our eyes.  I counted 20 oil seed rape fields.  A panoramic view of the countryside to the north  was afforded to us with the church of St. Mary being prominent.

St. Mary Church, Bunny

St. Mary Church, Bunny


Members in Bunny Wood

Members in Bunny Wood


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  1. Boots Says:

    Good report and nice pictures, keep them coming president.

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