Tragedy on a bridleway in Northumberland


I read in the Daily Mail today, details of yet another death caused by cows with calves. It is essential for all walk leaders to be particularly aware of the threat by cattle to human life, when walking in the countryside. These are the brief details:-
On the 3rd April, 2016 Marion Clode aged 61 yrs was walking with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren on a bridleway. Twenty cows with calves were being turned out from the farm into a field. Mrs Clode was leading and the cattle were running towards her. Mrs Clode was butted by a cow before catapulting her into the air over a gate. She died two days later in hospital from injuries sustained.
All walkers are reminded to exercise due diligence when walking in the countryside.
President of LFA


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