Tuesday Walk Nov.10th

Puzzled Walk Leader

Puzzled Walk Leader

John T. said “I looked round for the walkers and all I saw were hundreds of clucking chickens”

The walk started in the shadow of the wind turbines at Gilmorton. The route took us through Walton and Kimcote and over many stiles,though not the 43 of the 2009 route from the same pub. As can be seen in the photograph, courtesy of Carolyn Scott, an unusual part of the route took us through a free range chicken farm.

On the livestock subject I just read a Health & Safety Executive article saying 74 people were killed by cattle in 15 years. 56 were farm workers and 18 ramblers. The H.S.E. is issuing new advice telling farmers that  cattle should never be kept in fields with public footpaths. Meanwhile, here is the important point for us; all but one of the ramblers killed  was accompanied by a dog. The conclusion is obvious.



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  1. BrummieLad Says:

    I think the date is wrong. Shouldn’t it be Tuesday November 10th?

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