Jim’s in trouble


Jim M long time linchpin of LFA walks has been out of action for some time now but last Wednesday things got worse, we hope you can help aid his recovery.

Seat on Leicestershire Round at Gumley

Seat on Leicestershire Round at Gumley

Jim collapsed at Harley House Care Home on Wednesday 22nd April and was taken to A&E .  It was thought that he might have an infection somewhere and he was admitted to a ward for further investigations.  During the day he was very weak and confused.

Early that evening the nurse phoned to say that they had sat him out of bed and he had fallen from the bedside chair.  In the fall Jim broke his femur.

The break was pinned and plated on Friday 24th April.

Jim’s recovery this week has been very slow and would now be much assisted by visits from friends. In an attempt to spread these visits across the days ahead will you please email leicestershire.footpaths@gmail.com  if you would like to see Jim in Ward 32 at LRI and we can advise which slots are available. Visiting times are noon until 8pm and strictly no more than 2 visitors per bed.

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