Maps, maps and more maps


In the last newsletter we offered some suggestions for getting mapping from the web. I response to that article two memebrs have sent in the following suggestions.

I read with interest your spring newsletter.  I’m a member of the ramblers but our Parish Council subscribes to LFA.

I think you may be able to solve the walk leader map issue as follows:

You can print the route with OS by doing a screen dump into a programme such as paint.  You will need to do some cutting and pasting if the whole route does not fit on the screen.

  1. Put the OS map with  route on screen.
  2. Hold down ctrl and Alt and tap Print Scrn.
  3. Open Paint and paste.
  4. Now cut the part you want to print, save in a new document, I select jpeg.  You may need to adjust to fit your paper for printing.

Steve C

Paul W offers the following:-

Printing maps from websites OS get-a-map does not normally allow printing unless you opt for the one off (per page) printing charge or pay the annual £19.99 subscription fee. It is possible to print the route on the screen by grabbing the screen. You may use the inbuilt snipping tool in the accessories section (from  Windows 7 onwards) or by using a third party product such as Snagit –

It is then possible to save the grabbed image and thus print it out in the same manner that you would print a photo. A similar technique can be used in Bing maps. It is recommended than you disable scaling on the print dialog, otherwise the output will look strange and/or stretched.

Disclaimer: I have no knowledge whether this is allowed by the personal copyright license offered by OS.


A screen capture from this very page




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