Leicestershire Round Volunteer Warden Scheme


Volunteer Warden Required – Shackestone – Nailstone (Three and a half miles)

leics round bThe Leicestershire Round was devised in 1987 in celebration of what was then thought to be the Leicestershire Footpath Association’s centenary year.  In an effort to help preserve and maintain the ease of passage along the 100 mile route of the Round for fellow walkers, the Volunteer Wardens Scheme was re-introduced in 2013, under the umbrella of the Leicestershire Footpath Association with backing from Leicestershire County Council. Currently there is a vacancy for a volunteer warden to cover the above part section. The scheme is run on an informal basis but the volunteer warden would be expected to walk the part section at least once a year and report any obstructions, damage etc. and place or renew Leicestershire Round adhesive stickers on waymark posts where required. Most find the role enjoyable and rewarding.

If you would like to volunteer as  warden for this part section of the Leicestershire Round, wish to put your name forward for the reserve list of wardens or require any further information, please contact David Williams, co-ordinator, on 01664 812510


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