Fatal bull attack was ‘avoidable’, court hears


THE bull that trampled a walker to death at Underhill Farm, Stanford on Soar, had attacked electricity workers just weeks before and “should have been culled”, a court heard.

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The incident occurred in November 2010, Mr John Freeman was trampled to death and his wife suffered serious injuries when they were attacked by a 19 month old Swiss bull while crossing a field on a public footpath.

What the Health and safety Executive say:

  • Friesian, Holstein, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Jersey and Kerry) are in all circumstances banned from being at large in fields crossed by public rights of way. Do not keep them in fields with public rights of way, statutory or other types of permitted access.
  • If you are considering putting a bull of any other breed in a field to which the public have access you should carefully consider the animal’s temperament and behaviour and monitor its demeanour and state of health on a frequent basis. If there is any indication that the bull is likely to be aggressive or unpredictable, or if or if its behaviour gives you cause for concern, it should not be kept in a field to which the public have the right of access.
  • Beef bulls are banned from fields or enclosures with footpaths unless accompanied by cows or heifers. This does not include open fells or unenclosed moorland. There are no specific prohibitions on other cattle.

For more information see  HSE  (opens a new page)


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