Leicestershire Round in under 30 hours!


Today Friday 21st June 2013 at about 12.15 (ish) Richard P will be starting the Leicestershire Round in Somerby (he live in Leesthorpe), and attempting to complete the whole route in under 30 hours. Richard will be going anti clockwise as he loves the Launde Abbey section and that gives him something to look forward to, as well as some divine intervention (which may well be required after 90+ non stop miles!). Richard is raising money for the Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance.

Richard says “I have spent the last 40 years roaming/running the Rutland/Leicestershire countryside and it is always full of surprises.”

Richard has offered to write a report on his endeavours to share his experiences with others who are familiar with the terrain and have the same level of appreciation of our counties environment.

We look forward to hearing from him again very soon, but will allow a little time for him to get his breath back.


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