LCC New footpath mapping


We received the following email from LCC to announce the launch of their new online footpath mapping take a look.


This email is to let you know that a new online map of public rights of way in Leicestershire is now available. The link is included on the introductory page and this web address is the one we advise organisations to publicise to their members, contacts or residents. 

The new online mapping uses Google Maps, including the satellite photographs option. People can find the reference numbers of specific paths, and the written descriptions, by clicking once on the lines on the map. The new online mapping will be regularly updated to reflect changes on the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way. The map also allows the use of Google Street view.

However, people need to note that the new mapping is for guidance only and is NOT the Definitive Map itself. Anyone concerned with legal issues related to the exact routes of public rights of way should consult the master Definitive Map – details of which are also on the web page

The new online mapping also includes layers showing walk routes promoted by the County Council, though be aware that this information is in the process of being updated. Clicking on the routes will provide links to further information on each route, including some leaflet downloads.

For a direct link to the new mapping use The new mapping suits all modern web browsers, though it works best using Chrome ( or Firefox ( These two browsers allow viewing a larger mapping area, also when using Internet Explorer there are blindspots in Google Street view.

To report problems on rights of way we recommend the online form at: Alternately phone: 0116 305 0001 or email:

Please note that it is always best to make clear the location of a problem. To find correct grid references instructions are at:

It is always useful in reports to include the reporter’s name, address & postcode, contact phone number, and the date the problem was observed. This allows the inspector to contact the reporter and in some instances track down exactly where it is. Recent reports are more useful that batches of past reports which may contain problems that have now been overtaken by events.

The County Council appreciates all reports of defects on the rights of way network which help with identifying issues and targeting action as appropriate.

I hope you enjoy the new mapping and make plenty of use of it. The authority is also considering making the routes available as a download. This would allow people to import them locally into Google Earth and other products. I would be interested to know if this is a facility you would like to use.


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