Volunteers Required


Volunteers Required

leics round aThe Leicestershire Round was devised in 1987 by members of the Leicestershire Footpath Association (LFA), to celebrate what was then thought to be the clubs centenary year.

Supported by the Leicestershire County Council, the 100 mile circular route passes through some of the most scenic areas of Leicestershire and Rutland and is arguably the premier walking route in the county that is popular, frequently walked and well signposted.

To help preserve and maintain the ease of passage of “The Round” it is proposed, with the backing of the LFA Committee, to seek volunteers to adopt a 4 or 5 mile section of “The Round” to act as wardens. It is anticipated that the warden would check their section once or twice a year, clearing gateways and stiles, replacing   signage where necessary and report obstructions and damage to the LFA Obstructions Secretary.

Using the Leicestershire County Council published booklet “The Leicestershire Round” as a guide, “The Round” has been split into 11 sections with the mileage between individual villages listed, which could be used as a reference when deciding which part of the route to adopt.

leics round bThe Sections are:-

1)      The Charnwood Section – Total mileage 8 ½

2)       Soar Valley/Wreake Valley Section – Total mileage 10 ½

3)       Burrough Hill Section – Total mileage 12 ½

4)      Rutland Border Section – Total mileage 13 ½

5)      The Langton Section – Total mileage 10 ½

6)      Canal Country Section – Total mileage 9

7)      The Peatlings Section – Total mileage 9 ½

8)      Roman High Cross Section – Total mileage 15

9)      Bosworth Field Section – Total mileage 11

10)  The West of Charnwood Section – Total mileage 7 ½

11)  The Approach to Charnwood Section – Total mileage 5

It is hoped that volunteer LFA members will adopt a portion of a particular section that is maybe near to where they reside or is part of a favourite walk.

To volunteer as a warden or for more information, please contact David Williams on 01664 812510

leave a reply in the box below and we will get back to you, or email leicestershire.footpaths@gmail.com