Facebook ?


We have had an offer from a member to set up a Leicestershire Footpath Association Facebook page. The main purpose of the page would be to generate more interest in the LFA, and thus increase the membership, through raised awareness of the Association and it’s activities.

It is proposed to show details of forthcoming walks on a week-by-week basis, which would include day/date of the walk , starting time, location of the start, i.e. the name of the pub or the church, and the length of walk.

The need to protect and preserve people’s identities is an issue so these would never be used on the page. The name of the leader and his/her ‘phone number would not be
included. Enquiries of this nature would be re-directed to the website

We could occasionally enhance the basic details of walks with added notes about features of the walk and the area in which it takes place. There would be a permanent link to the Association’s website at the top of the page, so that people could go there for more information.

A Facebook page is not in any way intended to replace the website, but to enhance it or if you like ‘add value’. We could also add a Facebook button to the web pages so that there would be a two-way link with the Facebook page.

This seems to work quite well for The Ramblers. If anyone uses the RA’s Facebook site or elsewhere or has views on LFA having a Facebook page we invite your comment so that the committee can decide if a LFA Facebook page should be established. Please comment below or email leicestershire.footpaths@gmail.com

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