Happy Birthday Leicestershire Footpath Association


Our present Association started in 1887 and the first meeting was in the School Board Room at the Municipal Buildings on June 10th, W. Simpson, jun., in the chair.

(From: A short history of the Leicestershire Footpath Association. By H.H. Peach. A paper prepared for the Countryside and Footpath Preservation National Conference, Leicester, October 13th , 1928)

Pictures starting top left:

  • Leicestershire Round a 100 mile circular walk around the county devised by members to celebrate the Association’s centenary in 1987
  • Excellent cross field paths and yellow topped waymark posts today make Leicestershire one of the best walking areas in England.
  • A group of members ready to start a walk from Tilton on the Hill
  • A.J. Gimson Secretary and Treasurer 1887-1911
  • LFA badge created at the time Rutland was part of Leicestershire
  • Opening of the Rippin Path at Bradgate May 1953
  • Ordnance Survey map cover from 1930’s
  • Part of the LFA researched and published ‘Map of Paths 1904’
  • A recent walk by the Tuesday group at Brooksby

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