Leicestershire Footpath Association -125th Annual General Meeting

Clarke Rogerson (From PNFS Website)

Clarke Rogerson (From PNFS Website)

This being a special event it called for a special speaker, we believe that this 125th AGM was marked by a significant achievement. Some time back while searching for information on the Peak District we discovered the Peak & Northern Footpaths Society and their claim to be the oldest footpath preservation group in the country, having emerged from other groups in 1894. Persuading Heather to challenge their claim was not difficult and this resulted in our invitation for a representative to speak to us at the 2012 AGM.

We were pleased to welcome Clarke Rogerson their Chairman and expected to enter battle for the title. Clarke had been busy with research and offered his audience a potted history of footpath campaign groups back to a possible in York in 1840. But Clarke is not satisfied with hearsay he wants evidence so pointed to groups that came and went over the years.

Arriving at 1887 Clarke had to acknowledge that the Leicestershire Footpath Association is longer established than The Peak District and Northern Counties Footpaths Preservation Society and is now in the running to be the oldest footpath preservation group in the county.

We invite comment to our claim.

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