Permissive Paths

Permissive path at Loddington

Permissive path at Loddington

Permissive paths are offered to us by landowners as part of a management scheme for which they receive a grant payment. This agreement is not in perpetuity so when it ends the access may be withdrawn so please check before taking a group along these paths.

To find land or paths in Leicestershire or for the whole county click on these links for a map of the locations. This is far better than searching the list of sites because the location descriptions can be obscure. A path along the old rail line near Loddington Leicestershire is described as “Hall Farm A”  and as “Hall Farm A  Near Oakham”. The correct postal address is Hall Farm, Main Street, Loddington LEICESTER LE7 9XE. Am I being cynical when I suggest the landowner is being secretive about the location of his access site?


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