Leicester Round – by bus.

August 1, 2020 by

The Leicestershire Round is a 100-mile circular walk around Leicestershire.

This guide shows how to tackle it in bite-sized chunks by utilising the local bus services.

The route is well waymarked and there are numerous spots along the route to take a comfort break or get some sustenance.

As it is circular, you can of course start anywhere but the guides are to and from Bradgate Park.

Download your guide here.


Walking Programme Update

July 18, 2020 by

The  committee met on 15th July to consider the future walk programme for the LFA. The health and safety of all our members is our highest priority along with the need to comply with government restrictions and advice. It has therefore been agreed that the LFA will not host / organise any formal walks until further notice.

We recognise all our members are keen to enjoy walking our lovely footpaths but it would be unwise and against governmental and local guidelines to encourage walking and socialising in groups.

Should our members wish to walk together in small groups, being mindful of social distancing and governmental guidelines, then we must advise them that they do so at their own risk.

Brief Encounter

July 15, 2020 by

During the current restrictions there are a several small groups arranging their own walks. On this Tuesday one group of 5 walking from Peatling Magna passed another group of 4 walking from Shearsby. We met by chance on the Leicestershire Round in Bruntingthorpe. Such simple things are very welcome in these odd times. Social distancing was observed–no handshakes as with Stanley and Livingstone and certainly no kisses.

Walk from Aston Flamville

July 8, 2020 by
Donkey Lane Cafe

Over the last few weeks, as the number of people who can meet outdoors has increased, a few people have organised themselves into mini groups. It can now be as many as six with appropriate distancing. The particular group here were lead by Graham H. Their walk was circular of about 5 miles from Aston Flamville to Sapcote, then South to Sharnford and from there back to the start on the Leicestershire Round. The weather was not kind but on the way out of Sapcote , on the bridleway known as Donkey Lane, appeared this new bijou shed stocked with veg, various cakes, marmalade possibly jams and cold drinks. No it wasn’t a mirage. Cakes were bought and enjoyed as they put their money in the honesty box. It isn’t continually manned –although customers are probably on computer memory near bye, and is open from 10am until 2pm each day except Tuesdays. Very enterprising of some one and a bit of a highlight in these weird times.

Walks Still Suspended

July 2, 2020 by

Please note that the LFA walks programme is still suspended UNTIL further notice. Unfortunately the change to parameters introduced on July 4th will not allow us to officially walk in groups with or without a pub lunch. It would seem that a very small private group will be able to have a satisfactory walk within the new parameters. Until we meet again, keep safe

LFA Poster ‘Boy’

June 27, 2020 by

Ted Spence and his wife Betty, who many of you will remember walking on Tuesdays, retired to a McCarthy & Stone flat in Glen Hills. Ted was well known as a wit and Jester. His character is still shining through and McCarthy & Stone have used him as publicity in last Saturday’s national press to convey typical home owners thanks to staff during the pandemic.

WhatsApp with the Tuesday Group

May 22, 2020 by

At the start of the lockdown Rick Satchwell, the Tuesday organiser,started a Whats App group which was posted here. About 20 people joined and it has turned out to be very active. One day in particular I remember looking and seeing there were 75 entries ranging from walking photos to jokes ( for all tastes), to friendly banter (insults), to simple emojis. In this app, because short video can be sent, many of the postings were visual humour from many different sources, including some generated by Steve and Ashok’s videos of beautiful Leicestershire in spring . Recently Jeff P. has added ‘ZOOM’ and at least 2 sessions have been held where the participants can see and chat to each other in real time. Of great interest and head scratching has been the competition to identify the baby. Many of us sent our ‘early years’ photo to Rick (black & white of course) one of which was posted each day. Rick involved those without a Smart phone via e mail if they wished and several have joined in. I include a sample of pictures and the humour. I am sure psychologists will find an interest in the effects of Lockdown and real time communication on friends and family.We are still not able to get together in a group to walk so long may Whats App continue. Thanks Rick.

Only one of them now looks like their photo
Censored Humour

Some years ago I wrote that a big change in my time with LFA was technology. Communication started by email and then digital maps of footpath changes from LCC and on the Website. To this can now be added ‘Whats App’ and ‘ZOOM’ which may be used for virtual committee meetings.

Saxelbye Park and village.

May 18, 2020 by

Our member DW is continuing to exercise near to his home in east Leicestershire and has sent me two pictures as he walked through Saxelbye park and from a distance, the parish church of St. Peters.

Saxelbye Park

Saxelbye is a small village five miles north west of Melton Mowbray. The present population is unknown. Webster’s dairy is still active being one of only six manufacturers of Stilton cheese.

Saxelbye church spire rising out of the trees




Frisby Lakes

May 10, 2020 by

Member D.W. has sent me details of a circular walk he has been doing during the lockdown. In his words  “The walk is around Frisby Lakes, Frisby on the Wreake. The lakes are a result of sand and gravel excavation and used as part of the river wreake flood overspill and surrounded by a flood defence bank. For a number of years the route was a permissive path until the surrounding land was sold and permission withdrawn, resulting after many years in a public enquiry, which fortunately granted the appeal and the footpath was reinstated as a right of way. The LFA supported the appeal. Photo 1 is taken from the defence bank.

Frisby Lakes


Photo 2 shows an obstruction we encountered, sitting in the shade on the defence bank and clearly weren’t in the mood to move. We clambered down the banking to get around them”.

sheep resting on line of footpath

D.W. is interested in any walks being done by other members during the lock down.  It is hoped this posting will encourage other members to have posted on the website details of their walks supported by photographs and a little narrative.  This would be away of keeping in touch with the membership during the difficult times of the coronavirus. It is appreciated not all members live in the countryside and urban walks may be the only option for some. If this initiative put forward by D.W. attracts your interest then submit your walks to the president at jenko1945@hotmail.com  Your identity will be protected in that only your initials will be used.



Memorial seat for Arthur Hopson

May 9, 2020 by

It is with regret I have to inform members of the destruction of Arthur’s seat which had been erected with monies supplied by his family in 2008. The seat was on the Leicestershire Round, a few fields north of Fearn Farm(Map Ref:- SP803 989). It is unclear whether this is an act of vandalism or perhaps done by the owner of the land on safety grounds had the seat itself been damaged in someway. Attached to the seat were two plaques, one from his family and the other from our association. Arrangements have been made for the plaques to be rescued and kept safely pending decisions being made on a replacement seat. Arthur was a regular Saturday walker and mid-week walker. Many thanks to D.W. for information.

Plaques from Arthur’s seat

Base for A. Hopson’s seat