Thursday Walks- Restart May 20th

May 12, 2021 by

Diane Billings has co-ordinated the following Thursday walks with volunteer leaders. All walks commence at the usual time of 10 am. Note: there is no organised lunch.

May 20th Billesdon. Leader David Pollard. Meet at Village Centre near Old Greyhound Pub.

May 27th Countesthorpe. Leader Diane Billings. Meet Rosebank Rd Green at Sky Way junction. LE85QY

June 3rd Swithland Woods. Leader Pat Allsop. Meet at North Carpark, Swithland Rd, Woodhouse Eaves. LE12 8SS/ST

June 10th Smeeton Westerby. Leader Fiona Bromley. Meet at Kings Head, Main St. LE8 0QJ.

June 17th Church Langton. Leader Sue Lyons. Meet at the Church.

June 21st End of Lockdown?

June 24th Tur Langton. Leader Ray Lee.

July 1st Hallaton. Leader Jan & Jim Greaves.

July 8th Gaddesby. Leader Nigel Vincent.

A reminder to leaders that they must record names and contact numbers of participants on each walk and retain for 3 weeks. Currently the leader should point out the need for social distancing, particularly at stiles and gates, and carrying hand gel.

Diane is looking forward to meeting old friends (Ed.)

Wednesday Walks Start on May 19th

May 5, 2021 by

First Wednesday Walk begins on May 19th, starting at 10am from the Main Street in Swithland. We’re parking on the road nearest the Primary School. It is a 5 mile walk with only 2 stiles. The leader is Greg J.

A Timely Reminder

May 5, 2021 by
Meeting friends along the way
Meeting friends along the way

It is late Spring and very young calves with their mothers are being turned out from winter quarters to pasture. Do not get between a cow and it’s calf as they are very protective. Do not get too close or try to shift them or take a dog anywhere near. Detour if necessary. Be sensible and you will be fine.

Ray Dunkley

May 2, 2021 by

It is sad to report that Ray, who many of us knew and liked, passed away on Wednesday 24th April at the age of 87. He hadn’t walked for a while but was a regular for years. He was a founder member of the Wednesday walking group in about 2001 when the Tuesday walks were repeated on a Wednesday, which is when I often met him. Ray made a valuable contribution to the LFA as Wednesday Walks Organiser from 2006 to 2011.

May (17th) Get Walking

April 28, 2021 by


With the signs that we will be able to meet with up to 30 people outdoors for recreation on May17th your committee wish to encourage the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday walks to restart. It is not possible for the LFA to produce an instant programme but must rely on the initiative of the members themselves. You will see in the ‘Walks Programme’ that there are 4 Tuesday walks commencing on May18th and during those walks volunteers will no doubt offer to lead subsequent walks until a Winter programme can be produced in the usual way. This was the method used in the ‘Old Days’. If someone can volunteer to lead a walk on each of the other days then it can be publicised on the website by myself ( or placed in the Walks Programme if you have access. Subsequent walks can be publicised in the same way and by word of mouth. These initial walks need not be organised with a lunch nor need they be of a particular length. This minimises the difficulty for volunteers who may well have a recently used route . It would be sensible to keep the start time as 10 am.

There is however the necessity for the leader to record each person on the walk with a contact number and keep the list for 3 weeks. This is a legal requirement. At the start of the walk the leader should remind people of the government advice to observe social distancing, especially at gates and stiles where static groups form, and to carry hand gel. You may have an opportunity for outdoor refreshment/lunch in which case it is likely you may sit in a max. group of 6.

If there should be more than 30 walkers it will be necessary to split into 2 groups and keep a sensible distance between them with a volunteer leader. There are no rules for this but in my opinion 50 yards should be enough.

We hope all goes well and this is the start of normality. Happy Walking.

Leicestershire Round Crossing Closure

April 21, 2021 by

Please note that the rail crossing on footpath I 66 between Rearsby and Rearsby Mill will be closed from 25/4/21 to 17/5/21

Summer Evening Walks 2021

March 22, 2021 by

Thanks to Angela Geary, who has taken over from Chris Merrill, we have the following Monday Evening walks arranged in anticipation of the current route out of lockdown being applicable.

All walks start on a Monday at 7pm

June 28th Ullesthorpe (Chequers). Leader Mike Wilcox.

July 5th Aston Flamville (Church). Leader GrahamHeath.

July 12th Willoughby Warterleys (Church). Leader Angela Geary.

July 19th Shearsby (nr Chandlers Arms). Leaders Allen & Irene.

July 26th Newbold Verdon (Church) Leader Janet Escott.

August 2nd Snarestone (The Globe Inn) Leader Ellie Webster.

N.B. For data protection reasons no phone numbers are given here but can be found on members last published programme-Summer 2020.

The committed to follow Government guidelines for Covid 19 to ensure the wellbeing of our members. We will endeavour to put on a limited walk programme when restrictions allow. Any official walk is subject to change or cancellation to comply with guidelines at the time. Walks or alterations will be posted on this website.

Leicestershire Round Task Team

March 10, 2021 by

Further Appeal for Volunteers. – come and join us!

The Leicestershire Round was devised in 1987 by members of the Leicestershire Footpath Association to celebrate the centenary of the organisation. The 100 mile route remains popular and well walked, either by doing a small section or those taking up the challenge of completing the whole route. (It was interesting to see in Lynne’s Treasurer’s Report in last years Annual Report, that 50 people had purchased badges during the year after completing the route)

To compliment the work carried out by members of the Volunteer Warden Scheme, it was decided to form a Task Team to carry out minor tasks on the Round such as clearing vegetation and securing fallen waymark posts, this in part was due to Leicestershire County Council’s financial constraints causing slippage of their Rights of Way maintenance programme, and also it was felt as the LFA had devised the route, it had some responsibility in trying to keep the Round as trouble free for fellow walks as possible.

The Task Team was launched in 2019 with the full backing of Leicestershire County Council who appointed a liaison officer and whose guidelines are followed for health and safety purposes, The current team members attended a half day induction course at County Hall and normally work in small groups at a time convenient to all, carrying out tasks deemed safe to do so, They are also able to claim mileage.

Since my appeal in the LFA’s 2020 Annual Report, 5 members have offered their services adding to the initial 11, many of whom are also wardens, but in a effort to give a wider coverage of the route, I would still like increase the number and appeal to LFA members give some thought to becoming a team member in a valuable and rewarding role.

If you would like know more, please contact me at :-

David Williams

AGM Zoom Meeting This Saturday

February 25, 2021 by

Just a reminder that that this year the AGM is a Zoom meeting at 10.15 am Saturday 27th February.

In case you have mislaid the Notice and would like to join in the information is:-Meeting ID 879 44810509 Passcode 909179

Updates for Leicestershire Round Book: 3rd printing August 2020:

February 2, 2021 by

  1. Woodhouse Eves to Mountsorrel. page 14 last paragraph.

Current Wording: Meet the road and turn left for a short distance (signs point to Stonehurst Farm Centre)

Change to: Additionally Please insert:

At the junction there is an opportunity to take a new stretch of bridleway running parallel to Swithland Lane which can be accessed opposite, and exits along Bond Lane

.Add in Gray: If you would like a slight detour and a chance to have refreshments Mountsorrel and Rothley Heritage Community Centre is close by. Turn right at the end of Kinchley Lane on to Swithland Lane.

Note:This may need to go on page 15 and make the photo smaller

  1. Ashby Folville – Thorpe Satchville page 35. last sentence of the first paragraph.

Current wording: Pass close to the waymarked pole in the middle of the field

Change to: Pass close to the telegraph pole in the middle of the field

  1. Saddington to Bruntingthorpe: Page 70 Line 2

Current wording: “Continue as if towards Fleckney Lodge for a few yards only then turn sharp left in the middle of the field to join a bridleway”

Change to: Enter the housing estate and follow the path through open space until you meet a crossing with a public bridleway, then turn left keeping the old hedge on your right until you exit out into the countryside once more”.

  1. Dunton Bassett – Frolesworth: page 78 3 lines from bottom

Current wording: Turn right along lane for 150 metres then right

Change to: Turn right along lane for 150 metres then left

  1. Frolesworth – Claybrooke Parva: page 82. Line 3

Current wording: Initially walk close to the hedge on your left.

Change to: Continue along the track until just past a small pond on your left. Turn slightly left to head diagonally across 2 fields aiming towards Hill Farm

  1. Burbage to Barwell Page 91 Para 5 line 4 – 9

Current wording: to the main carpark and Acorns Coffee Shop. Turn left here passing the play area and follow the winding hedgerow over to your right. Enter the golf course to locat a yellow topped post by an information board (SP44428 95205) . Here a stile leads to an enclosed path. Follow this to the main road

Change to :

…to the main car park, Coffee Shop and Visitor Centre. Turn left here passing the play area and follow the winding hedgerow on your right and then the marked permissive bridleway ahead, until reaching a yellow topped waymark postto the south of a copse on the edge ofthe golf course. Turn right here, through the copse and cross the golf course with care to locate a yellow topped post by an information board. Here a stile leads to an…. .  

  1. Nailstone to Bagworth Page 108 and 109.

Current wording: 3rd line from bottom p 108. The old stone church was also much damaged by mining and was rebuilt in concrete, externally an ugly building now also gone.

Change to: Please remove whole sentence.

Please remove photograph of church on page 109.

  1. Walking the Leicestershire Round page 4 para3

Current wording: Barwell to Frisby on the Wreake can easily be tackled as a linear walks using public transport from Leicester. Melton Mowbray makes a good centre for buses to cover Frisby to Somerby. See Traveline for bus times

Change to: The Leicestershire round can be accessed via public transport detail of which can be found on the Leicestershire Footpath association website at

  1. Index page 6 please insert above map:

The route is correct at the time of printing however, like all footpaths, the route may change over time. For updates to the route you are advised to refer to the Leicestershire Footpath Association website:

  1. Page 1 please insert above ISBN number