Tuesday Oct. 1st. Foxton Roads Open

September 28, 2019 by

Road Closure! What Road Closure ? The previous post is now withdrawn. Road closure signs in Foxton were in the wrong place and have now been removed. Roads are normal.


Children in Need Walking Event,Oct. 14th to 18th

September 20, 2019 by

Rick Satchwell with several fellow members of the L.F.A., are giving their time to help raise funds for Children in Need by leading a series of walks during October Half Term, Oct 14th-18th. Please publicise this event and participate if you can. All the information follows.

Information For Walk Leaders

Explain to participants

The leaders are there to navigate the route using public rights of way at a suitable pace for the group.

The Backmarker must carry out a head count at the beginning and at self evident times.

Donations will be collected by the walk leader at the end of the walk. 

Adults  will be responsible for their own safety plus the supervision and safety of any children they bring.

Unaccompanied children cannot be accepted.

The LFA accepts no responsibility or liability for accident or injury to participants.

Walk leaders must  have a First Aid Kit but explain they are not qualified First Aiders.

Dogs must be kept on a short lead to avoid tripping walkers.

Wear suitable footwear, clothing and carry enough water for the walk.

Be aware of traffic when using or crossing roads.

Don’t get ahead of the leader.

Any problems to be notified to walk leader or backmarker.

Close all gates after passing through unless told otherwise.

Litter must be disposed of correctly.

Wednesday 21st August (short walk)

August 18, 2019 by

This walk is from the Bulls Head Ratby. I did the pre-walk today and found that the road from Desford to Ratby is closed till the 22nd August due to repairs at the railway crossing. There are diversion signs but these take you through Desford and then via Botcheston which is quite a long way. Would you advise walkers about this so that they can find an alternative route. Just a reminder that no toilets will be available at the start of the walk.

Roger Whittle

Long Walk – Tuesday 10th September 2019

August 15, 2019 by

John Stafford’s proposed walk from

BROOKE near Oakham, Rutland

Starting at ST. Peter’s Church in Brooke (LE15 8DE)

OS Explorer map 234 (Rutland Water) GR 850 057

Parking: I suggest taking the right fork immediately in front of the church and parking on the verge at the rear of the church.

A varied walk of approximately 11 miles going along reasonably marked footpaths (good), minor roads (OK), and one busy stretch of major Road (sorry!).

A few stiles and one significant hill (193m). Some spectacular views if fine.

We shall also be walking through the centre of Oakham to get to the Grainstore Brewery & Pub for lunch.

(Suggestion: Why not try a flight of 3 x 1/3pt tasters and a ploughman’s lunch)

John Stafford – Leader.

Food For Free ?

August 14, 2019 by

I joined a walk from Hallaton on Tuesday. It was a good walking day ,sunny and not too hot. After several rainy days and sunny days the fungi were popping  up everywhere.

I picked these beautiful Horse Mushrooms of which I had eaten in days gone by and was convinced I knew them. Other walkers steered clear as identifying non-poisonous fungi is difficult. They were growing in an open grassy field, so that was the right place. I thought I would  check and ascertain if they were Horse or Field mushrooms and anything else relevant. The internet tells me that Field   mushrooms are smaller than Horse mushrooms. So, Horse mushrooms they are—–or are they? Luckily I noticed that there was an almost identical mushroom called a Yellow Stainer, which is poisonous but not fatal —at worst a day in the bathroom.     My vision of a feast of mushroom suddenly vanished. How can you tell the difference?

The most positive way is to scrape the stalk with your finger nail, as shown in my picture of two stalks, and within a few seconds the chrome yellow appears.

So, my beautiful mushrooms were Yellow Stainers .            There are a few other subtle differences which an expert could detect and they smell unpleasant when cooked but this is quick and easy for the rest of us.

Here endeth the first lesson.


Wednesday 7th August Walk

August 9, 2019 by

28 walkers enjoyed a lovely walk lead by Janet Escott. Starting at the Windmill Inn at Brascote we walked a 5 mile circular route through Kirby Mallory and back for a welcome lunch at the pub. The weather was beautiful and at times hot as we made our way through the fields and woods. There were about 12 stiles on an easy flat route that gave us time to admire our lovely countryside.

Many Thanks to the farmers who had created excellent paths through the crops, an all too rare treat and a beautiful headland of sunflowers and other wild flowers as you see in this picture.

Flora & fauna which might be seen at Cadeby Quarry


We passed Cadeby Quarry being, mindful of the fenced off deep water and quicksand that bordered our path.

Happy Walkers

Many thanks to Janet and all the walkers who made the two and a half hours speed by in an atmosphere of shared enjoyment and friendship.

Cindy West


Thursday Walkers August 8th

August 8, 2019 by

It was a pleasure to join the Thursday walk on one of the best 6 mile walks in Leicestershire. We started from the Black Boy at Hungarton, Brian Rawlinson Leading. The group are shown at their best outside Quenby Hall on a perfect walking day. On we went to Cold Newton and through the rough ground of the Mediaeval Village on the way to the Midshires Way.

              Under a big summer sky

The route went west to Whites Barn and Waterloo Farm before turning south to complete the enjoyable walk and the usual banter.


LFA Badge and Round Badge

August 8, 2019 by

Our Treasurer,Lynne, now has a supply of LFA badges which can be sewn or glued with a copydex type onto whatever is your choice. They are colour printed onto material and the edge is overlocked in green.  There is one also for those who have completed The Leicestershire Round. Should you wish to purchase either please forward a cheque for £2.50 per badge with your requirement and a stamped, self addressed envelope to Mrs L King,19 Fielding Lane, Ratby, LE6 0AS

Wednesday Long Walk 14/8/19

August 5, 2019 by

This walk will now start from Broughton Astley, The Red Admiral, Station Road, LE9 6PU


Wednesday walks Organiser

Wednesday Long Walk 21/8/19

July 31, 2019 by

This walk will now start at The Windmill Inn, Brascote, Newbold Verdon, LE9 9LE.

Toilets will not be available at the start.


Wednesday Walks Organiser