Thursday walk from Appleby Magna on 26.05.16.

May 26, 2016 by
The Dovecote

The Dovecote

Our walk started from the “Crown Inn”, Appleby Magna.  The church of St. Michaels and all angels can be seen.

St. Michaels and all Angels church

St. Michaels and all Angels church

The walk commenced on a footpath through the car park of the “Crown Inn” (just to the front of the white tables).  Crossing a small brook we turned left through the grounds of the Moat House.  This is a grade 11 listed building dating back to medieval England.  George and Joyce De Appleby lived at the house. George was slain in the battle of Musselborough Field, Scotland (1547).  Joyce was burned at the steak at Lichfield for failing to adhere to the Roman Catholic religion in the reign of Queen Mary 1st (1553-1558).

The picture above far right is of the dovecote in the garden of the  Moat House below.

The Moat House.

Leaving the village we walked across prairie fields of rye grass which is used for hay making and bedding for animals. We noticed at Cottage Farm a grass landing strip for a micro light plane had been laid out and later on the walk we saw it fly above our heads. We continued down the farm drive to Norton Juxta Twycross and stopped at the village hall for refreshments.   Following on a photograph of the group was taken against the background of wisteria.

DSC01406Our walk continued through cornfields where footpaths were well marked out. One grass field was particularly difficult to walk through and members struggled to keep on their feet.


Arriving back at Appleby Magna we walked through the village to the Sir. John Moore school built in 1697 based on the design of Sir Christopher Wren.   Sir John became Lord Mayor of London in 1681 during the reign of Charles the second.

Sir John Moore school

Sir John Moore school




Thursday 2nd June

May 22, 2016 by

Thursday 2nd June Belton near Shepshed walk the Queens Head is now open and I have booked lunch.

Notices re walks on Thursday 26th May and Thursday 2nd June

May 17, 2016 by

May 26th – The Crown Inn at Appleby Magna will not open until lunchtime, so no pre-ordering lunch at 9.30 and no toilet facilities before the walk.


May 16, 2016 by



Wednesday 1 June 2016 @ 10.00am

See details Two Steeples Walk

Water-hazard planked but!!

May 12, 2016 by

On a nice afternoon, I decided to inspect a new foot plank which has dealt with a recurrent problem of stepping off the stile into water which goes over the top of your boots.  This problem had been on the Leicestershire Round between Leire and Frolesworth on footpath W70.

New foot plank erected by LCC

New foot plank erected by LCC

The above photograph shows the plank in position.  You will notice from the next two photographs a field of oil seed rape is gradually encroaching onto the footpath making it difficult for walkers to pass along the footpath.  The first photograph below illustrates the footpath when walking from Frolesworth towards Leire. You can just see Leire Church just to the left of the footpath waymark post. The next photograph was taken walking westwards from Leire and a tractor has been driven along the correct line of the footpath BUT no proper width has been left for walkers.  As you emerge onto the Leire to Frolesworth Road the footpath sign post is missing but was found lying down in the road side hedge covered by foliage.  The missing way marker post has already been reported to LCC. and the encroaching rape crop will be reported.


Looking towards Leire.

Looking towards Leire.

Looking westwards from Leire

Looking westwards from Leire



Walking the Leicestershire Round – help

May 10, 2016 by

Some of you will know that we are working on updating the guide to the Leicestershire Round. Having mentioned this on a number of occasions folk have been very kind to offer assistance and company to me over the summer as I walk the route to update the text. Unfortunately I failed to record your offers and therefore hope you will be forgiving and contact me again should your offer still stand.


I would especially welcome help with the southern and western sections as these are furthest from my base. I aim to walk 8 to 10 miles at a time. I like to use public transport where possible to link end and start but where this is not possible it will needs two cars.

If you can help please email me at

Many thanks Ken


Good to see that Roy’s Facebook page has now passed 200 likes, great job Roy.

Thursday walk from Bunny village, Nottinghamshire

May 7, 2016 by

Eight members assembled in Bunny village for a six mile walk over our county boarder on 5th May.  It was a beautiful sunny day as we left the “Rancliffe Arms”.  Our walk took us to Bunny Hill which is a managed nature reserve and we were treated to a wonderful display of wild flowers.  The woodland floor had a carpet of blue bells intermingled with yellow celandines.  We were walked up through the woods, then along and down. Later was seen wild cowslips covering a large section of a grass field.  From the top of Bunny Hill, a sea of yellow met our eyes.  I counted 20 oil seed rape fields.  A panoramic view of the countryside to the north  was afforded to us with the church of St. Mary being prominent.

St. Mary Church, Bunny

St. Mary Church, Bunny


Members in Bunny Wood

Members in Bunny Wood

Tuesday 26th April

May 2, 2016 by

Tuesday survivors at Carter's Rough

On April 26th Jeff Plant led a 5.8 mile Rough walk from The Plough at Ratby. Choyce’s Rough,Whittington Rough, and Carter’s Rough with Little John and Martinshaw Wood for relief. We had rain ,snow,sun and wind all in the one morning. This is an area to see blue bells and they did not disappoint. I know stiles are being replaced by gates in many places but the ones above at Carter’s Rough seem a bit O.T.T.

As usual everyone enjoyed the walk in good spirits.  Poto: Jeff Plant



Thursday walk from Willoughby Waterleys

April 22, 2016 by
The General Elliot

“The General Elliott”

Many thanks to Sue for arranging this walk starting from “The General Elliott” public house at Willoughby Waterleys.  This was the first time the public house had been used following extended opening hours.  Twenty walkers supported this walk on a fine, dry, sunny day.  The walk took us along Main Street, before entering fields taking us to Peatling Parva.    Splendid gargoyles  were viewed on the Church tower of St. Andrews. Our  group of walkers then joined a footpath to the east of the village and had a wonderful view of Peatling Parva Hall.  This is a grade 2 listed building, late C17 or early C18.  It is brick built with stone quoins and Swithland slate roof.  The garden front gives a dramatic sense of height.

Our walk continued on mainly pasture land with quite a few difficult stiles, one of which was surrounded by many bullocks who were reluctant to let us pass.  We walked along one of the green lanes whose surface was much improved, before arriving back at the General Elliott for lunch.  This walk was just under six miles.

Peatling Parva Hall

Peatling Parva Hall


New footbridge and hand gates at Baggrave

April 19, 2016 by

Members may be interested to learn of an improvement on the footpath from Baggrave to Lowesby. The picture below was taken by Heather’s daughter on our walk yesterday.  The crossing point between Carr bridge and the water gardens footpath used to be difficult.  These improvements are most welcome.Baggrave to Lowesby footpath



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